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Title: Comparison of abundance and diversity of young fishes and macroinvertebrates between two Lake Erie wetlands
Authors: Dibble, Eric D. (Eric David), 1955-
Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-
Landin, Mary Collins, 1941-
Keywords: Aquatic plants
Juvenile fishes
Larval fishes
Water quality
Lake Erie
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Wetlands Research Program (U.S.)) ; no. Technical Report WRP-RE-7
Abstract: Composition of larval and juvenile fishes and macroinvertebrates was compared between two Lake Erie Wetlands: Pointe Mouillee, MI, USA, and Point Pelee, Ont., Canada. Light traps (232 trap nights) were used to measure abundance and diversity of larval fishes and macroinvertebrates, and seines were used to quantify juvenile fish abundance. Samples were collected during (April and June 1993, June 1994). A total of 9,608 invertebrates was sampled at Pointe Mouillee and 28,998 at Point Pelee; 1,910 larval and 1,229 juvenile fishes were collected at Pointe Mouillee and 395 larval and 1,052 juvenile fishes at Point Pelee. Abundance and diversity of larval fishes.significantly differed-{F=2.5; P <0.05) between Pointe- Mouillee and Point Pelee wetlands. Significant differences (F=3.47, P <0.01) in abundance of juvenile fishes also were noted, yet diversities were similar. Minnows (Cyprinidae) and perch (Percidae) dominated Pointe Mouillee collections, whereas, sunfishes (Centrarchidae) constituted > 55 percent of all fishes collected at Point Pelee. Macroinvertebrate diversity was slightly higher at Point Pelee: 49 taxa (H'=2.307) compared to 48 taxa (H'=2.056) at Pointe Mouillee. Hemiptera dominated the Pointe Mouillee sample, and Cladocera, Ostracoda, and Amphipoda constituted much of the Point Pelee sample. Difference in fish composition between the two wetlands was attributed to turbidity, plant cover, and available river systems.
Description: Technical Report
Gov't Doc #: Technical Report WRP-RE-7
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