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Title: Grand Prairie Region and Bayou Meto Basin, Arkansas Project : Bayou Meto Basin, Arkansas, General Reevaluation Report, Volume 3 : Appendix B, Engineering Investigations & Analyses, Agricultural and Water Supply Component, Section I - Hydraulics and Hydrology
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Memphis District.
Keywords: Bayou Meto (Ark.)
Flood control
Environmental management
Environmental protection
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Memphis District.
Abstract: This section addresses the hydraulics of two water systems that will occupy the project area landscape: the existing natural drainage system and a surface water delivery system. A design was performed that permits water to be pumped from the Arkansas River and distributed throughout the project area using man-made canals and existing ditches modified to accommodate flood flows and additional irrigation flows. The irrigation delivery system is designed to take water from the Arkansas River, and distribute it through a main canal system to numerous smaller canals and ditches. The fundamental concept of the delivery system design is that the water is to be lifted so that it can be conveyed within the project area by gravity flow wherever possible. New canals and laterals will typically follow high ground, wherever possible, in order to take full advantage of opportunities to convey withdrawals by gravity flow. Topic B consists of a brief description of the hydrology of existing streams within the project area and an explanation of the analysis of water needs including a need for a supplemental source of water to meet the demands necessary. Hydrologic analysis of these streams was required in order to ensure that the project components do not cause flooding and to determine that certain existing streams can be incorporated into the delivery system The hydraulics of the delivery system components is the subject of Topic C, including pump stations, regulation reservoirs, man-made canals, check structures, existing ditches, pipelines, inverted siphons, pump-type turnouts, gate-well structures, weirs, drop inlet structures, and road crossings. Topic D briefly describes the control system setup.
Description: General Reevaluation Report
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