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Title: Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement : Lake Worth Inlet, Palm Beach Harbor, Palm Beach County, Florida, Appendix B : Cost Engineering and Risk Analysis, Appendix C : Socio-Economic
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District
Keywords: Inland navigation
Environmental protection
Lake Worth Inlet (Fla.)
Palm Beach County (Fla.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Abstract: A Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis was conducted according to the procedures outlined in the manual entitled, “Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis Process” dated March 2008. B.5.1 Risk Analysis Methods The entire PDT participated in a cost and schedule risk analysis brainstorming session to identify risks associated with the Recommended Plan. The risks were listed in the risk register and evaluated by the PDT. Assumptions were made as to the likelihood and impact of each risk item, as well as the probability of occurrence and magnitude of the impact if it were to occur. A risk model was then developed in Crystal Ball in order to develop a contingency to apply to the project cost and schedule. After the model was run, the results were reviewed and all parameters were re‐evaluated by the PDT as a sanity check of assumptions and inputs. Adjustments were made to the analysis accordingly and the final contingency was established. The contingency was applied to the recommended plan estimate in the Total Project Cost Summary in order to obtain the Fully Funded Cost. B.5.2 Risk Analysis Results Refer to the Project Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis Report provided by Walla Walla Mandatory Cost Center of Expertise as an attachment to this appendix. The Total Project Cost Summary (TPCS) addresses inflation through project completion (accomplished by escalation to mid‐point of construction per ER 1110‐2‐1302, Appendix C, Page C‐2). It is based on the scope of the Recommended Plan and the official project schedule. The TPCS includes Federal and Non‐Federal costs for Lands and Damages, all construction features, PED, S&A, along with the appropriate contingencies and escalation associated with each of these activities. The TPCS is formatted according to the CWWBS and uses Civil Works Construction Cost Indexing System (CWCCIS) factors for escalation (EM 1110‐2‐1304) of construction costs and Office of Management and Budget (EC 11‐2‐18X, 20 Feb 2008) factors for escalation of PED and S&A costs. The Total Project Cost Summary was prepared using the MCACES/MII cost estimate on the Recommended Plan, as well as the contingency set by the risk analysis and the official project schedule.
Description: Feasibility Report/Environmental Impact Statement
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