Lower and Middle Mississippi Valley Engineering Geology Mapping Program (LMV Mapping) : [717] Community home page

This website is intended to provide internet access to download engineering geology maps from the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley or LMV. The following data were developed by geologists from the Engineering Geology and Geophysics Branch (ERDC-WES, GSL) for Corps Districts within the LMV, and involve nearly three hundred, 1:62,500 scale (15-minute) engineering geology maps published during the past 50 years. The goal for presenting these maps digitally is to preserve the information by making the data easily accessible by serving them through an internet media. Many of the published engineering geology maps presented through this website are no longer in print or readily available. Engineering geology maps served by this website are presented alphabetically by LMV Drainage Basin. An index map of drainage basins in the LMV is presented in Figure 1 to assist the user with locating the drainage basin of interest. Index maps of site specific 15-minute quadrangle maps within each drainage basin are presented in the respective link to the drainage basin of interest. Individual quadrangle maps are presented as zip files containing the scanned quadrangle map at 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) resolution, and the associated geologic cross-sections that accompany each map at 175 dpi. Usually each quadrangle map contains two cross-sections. However, some quadrangle maps may contain more cross-sections depending on the available boring data at the time the engineering geology map was produced. Engineering geology maps were originally published by drainage basin as a series of map folios. Each map folio contains an overview summary of the mapping process, methods used to generate the maps, as well as the geologic history, and a description of the various environments of deposition that the quadrangle maps identify. A text file (in Zip format) containing this information is available for each drainage basin map folio and is referenced as TEXT.zip . This file is available by referencing the specific drainage basin of interest.