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  • Distribution and fate of energetics on DoD test and training ranges : final report 

    Pennington, Judith C.; Jenkins, Thomas F.; Ampleman, Guy, 1954-; Thiboutot, Sonia, 1962-; Brannon, James M.; Hewitt, Alan D. (Alan Dole); Lewis, Jeff.; Brochu, Sylvie.; Diaz, Emmanuela.; Walsh, Michael R.; Walsh, Marianne E.; Taylor, Susan.; Lynch, Jason C.; Clausen, Jay L.; Ranney, Thomas A.; Ramsey, Charles A.; Hayes, Charolett A.; Grant, Clarence L.; Collins, Charles M.; Bigl, Susan R.; Yost, Sally L.; Dontsova, Katerina M. (Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.), 2006-11)
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