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  • Thin layer placement : technical definition for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers applications 

    Berkowitz, Jacob F.; Piercy, Candice D.; Welp, Timothy L.; VanZomeren, Christine M. (Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.), 2019-02)
    The following document provides a technical definition of thin layer placement (TLP) activities for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) applications. A discussion of the development, history, and examples of TLP applications ...
  • To complain or not to complain : spatial analysis of complaint behavior around military installations 

    Morrison, Dawn A.; Nykaza, Edward T.; Wyant, Nicole M. (Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)Geospatial Research Laboratory (U.S.)Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.), 2018-06)
    This technical note (TN) explores the spatial patterns associated with the probability of receiving a community complaint in response to blast noise from military training. In this instance, blast noise is defined as ...
  • Exudate chemical profiles derived from Lespedeza and other tallgrass prairie plant species 

    Ringelberg, David B.; Beck, Alyssa M.; Busby, Ryan.; Smith, Imee G.; Yannarell, Anthony C. (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.), 2017-05)
    Abstract: Lespedeza cuneata is an introduced legume that is invasive in the tallgrass prairie system and open woodlands of North America. This system includes native Lespedeza species that coexist with L. cuneata, including ...
  • Identification of insect-plant pollination networks for a midwest installation : Fort McCoy, WI 

    MacAllister, Irene E.; Sperry, Jinelle H.; Bailey, Pamela. (United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)Center for the Advancement of Sustainability Innovations (U.S.), 2016)
    Abstract: Pollinating insects and pollinator dependent plants are critical components of functioning ecosystems yet, for many U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) installations, the identities and relationships between pollinators ...
  • Polarized illuminator for very-near infrared imaging 

    Furey, John S.; Morgan, Cliff. (Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.), 2010-05)
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