Recent Submissions

  • High head gate seal studies 

    Mohrbacher, Robert D. (United States. Bureau of Reclamation. Denver Office. Hydraulics Branch., 1968-03)
    Studies were made to develop rubber seals suitable for use on wheel- and roller-mounted gates operating under high heads. During the closing cycle under unbalanced pressure conditions, the seal bulb tends to be pinched ...
  • Experiments with dry ice for cooling fresh concrete 

    Porter, Leland C. (United States. Bureau of Reclamation. Denver Office., 1952-12)
    In the Summer of 1952 tests were made to determine the efficiency of dry ice (solid CO₂) for cooling fresh concrete. Observations were also made to determine whether the concrete is adversely affected by its contact with ...
  • Stable channel profiles 

    Glover, Robert E. (Robert Ellsworth), 1896-; Florey, Q. L. (United States. Bureau of Reclamation. Engineering Laboratories Branch., 1951-09)
    In order to deal intelligently with certain problems of maintenance of channels in erodible materials, it is important to know what shape and dimensions a channel should have in order to avoid changes of cross section due ...
  • Influence of soil properties and construction methods on the performance of homogeneous earth dams 

    Sherard, James L. (United States. Bureau of Reclamation., 1953-01)
    The purpose of the investigation is to study the consequences of important departures from those practices accepted at the present time for construction of homogeneous earth dams. At the present time, essentially identical ...
  • Research on determining the density of sands by spoon penetration testing 

    Gibbs, H. J. (United States. Bureau of Reclamation.Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.), 1956-08)
    Abstract: The split moon sampler has been used for a number of years as a sounding and sampling device for estimating the denseness or firmness of soils in place. The Bureau of Reclamation has used this device for estimating ...
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