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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Nearshore Placement Workshop 2019 : sediment nourishment of the nearshore environmentKrafft, Douglas R.; Young, David L.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; McFall, Brian C.; Bruder, Brittany L.
2018-03Nearshore placement techniques in southern Lake MichiganArnold, David E.; McFall, Brian C.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; Maloney, Erin C.; Bucaro, David F.
2019-01Addressing nearshore placement near Lake Worth Inlet, FloridaCondon, Andrew J.; Legault, Kelly R.; McFall, Brian C.
1976-01Chesapeake Bay radioactive tracer studyTool, Allen R.
2022-07Sediment Provenance Studies of the Calcasieu Ship Channel, Louisiana : A Synopsis ReportPerkey, David W.; Priestas, Anthony M.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.; Brown, Gary L.; Hartman, Michael A.; Tarpley, Danielle R. N.; Luong, Phu V.
2018-10Hawaii RSM : advance planning for the beneficial reuse of dredged material at Haleiwa Harbor, island of Oahu, HawaiiMolina, Lauren K.; Podoski, Jessica H.
1978-06Flume experiments on sand, silt, and clay mixtures from the offshore dredged material disposal site, Galveston, TexasMoherek, Anthony Joseph
1978-07A field study of fluid mud dredged material: its physical nature and dispersalNichols, Maynard M.; Thompson, Galen S.; Faas, Richard W. (Richard William)
1978-05Aquatic disposal field investigations, Eatons Neck disposal site, Long Island Sound : an environmental inventoryCobb, Stephen P.; Reese, James R.; Granat, Mitchell A.; Holliday, Barry W.; Klehr, Edwin H.; Carroll, Joe H.
1978-05Aquatic disposal field investigations, Galveston, Texas, offshore disposal site : evaluative summaryWright, Thomas D.; Mathis, David B., 1947-; Brannon, James M.