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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study : Delta Management modeling : AdH/SEDLIB multi-dimensional model validation and scenario analysis reportBrown, Gary L.; McAlpin, Jennifer N.; Pevey, Kimberly C.; Luong, Phu V.; Price, Cherie R.; Kleiss, Barbara A., 1958-
2019-07Coastal Lidar and Radar Imaging System (CLARIS) lidar data report : 2011 - 2017Spore, Nicholas J.; Renaud, Alexander D.; Conery, Ian W.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2015-05Jackson Bar training structure studySharp, Jeremy A. (Jeremy Allen), 1982-; Scott, Stephen H.
2015-02Numerical Modeling of Trinity River Shoaling below Wallisville, TexasLetter, Joseph V.; Brown, Gary L.; McAdory, Robert T.; Pratt, Thad C.
2012-09Cross-shore numerical model CSHORE for waves, currents, sediment transport and beach profile evolutionUniversity of Delaware. Center for Applied Coastal Research; Johnson, Bradley D.; Kobayashi, Nobuhisa; Gravens, Mark B.
2010-07State of flood related modeling along middle Rio Grande: report documentary 2007-2008 workUniversity of New Mexico. Civil Engineering Research Facility; Coonrod, Julie
2016Capabilities of the large-scale sediment transport facilitySmith, Ernest R.; Bryant, Duncan B.; Priestas, Anthony M.
2017-06A guide for using geochemical methods in dredged material, sediment tracking, and sediment budget studiesWadman, Heidi M.; Perkey, David W.; Seiter-Moser, Jennifer M.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Lafferty, Brandon J.
2017-06Sediment scaling for Mud Mountain fish barrier structureSharp, Jeremy A. (Jeremy Allen), 1982-; Brown, Gary L.; Bell, Gary L.
2018-03Nearshore placement techniques in southern Lake MichiganArnold, David E.; McFall, Brian C.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; Maloney, Erin C.; Bucaro, David F.