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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Strategic placement for beneficial use of dredged materialGailani, Joseph Z.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; Hartman, Michael A.; Godsey, Elizabeth S.; Wang, Ping.
2020-03Analysis of nearshore placement of sediments at Ogden Dunes, IndianaYoung, David L.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; Li, Honghai.; McFall, Brian C.; Maloney, Erin C.; McClain, Kaitlyn E.; Bucaro, David F.; LeRoy, Jessica Z.; Duncker, James J.; Johnson, Kevin K.; Jackson, P. Ryan (Patrick Ryan)
2020-05Nearshore Placement Workshop 2019 : sediment nourishment of the nearshore environmentKrafft, Douglas R.; Young, David L.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; McFall, Brian C.; Bruder, Brittany L.
2020-05Sediment sorting by hopper dredging and pump-out operations : conceptual model and literature reviewPriestas, Anthony M.; Smith, S. Jarrell; Brutsche, Katherine E.
2018-03Nearshore placement techniques in southern Lake MichiganArnold, David E.; McFall, Brian C.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; Maloney, Erin C.; Bucaro, David F.
2019-04Literature review of nearshore bermsBrutsche, Katherine E.; McFall, Brian C.; Bryant, Duncan B.; Wang, Ping.
2019-12Wave averaging for scoping level estimates of nearshore berm morphodynamicsKrafft, Douglas R.; McFall, Brian C.; Styles, Richard.; Brutsche, Katherine E.
2019-12Performance of nearshore berms from dredged sediments : validation of the Sediment Mobility ToolPriestas, Anthony M.; McFall, Brian C.; Brutsche, Katherine E.
2018-01User’s guide for the Sediment Mobility Tool web applicationMcFall, Brian C.; Brutsche, Katherine E.
2019-12Uncertainty associated with the Sediment Mobility ToolMcFall, Brian C.; Gonzalez, Victor M.; Ramos-Santiago, Efrain; Nadal-Caraballo, Norberto C.; Brutsche, Katherine E.