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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985-07Radar profiling of ice thicknessArcone, Steven A.
1995-03Detection of crevasses near McMurdo Station, Antarctia with airborne short-pulse radarNational Science Foundation (U.S.); Delaney, Allan J.; Arcone, Steven A.
1986-10Morphology, hydraulics and sediment transport of an ice-covered river : field techniques and initial dataLawson, Daniel E.; Chacho, Edward F.; Brockett, Bruce E.; Wuebben, James L.; Collins, Charles M.; Arcone, Steven A.; Delaney, Allan J.
1994-11Subsurface radar investigations at the Pegasus Glacial-ice Runway and Williams Field, McMurdo Station, AntarcticaNational Science Foundation (U.S.); Arcone, Steven A.; Delaney, Allan J.; Tobiasson, Wayne.
2021-12Ground-penetrating radar profiles of the McMurdo shear zone, Antarctica, acquired with an unmanned rover : interpretation of crevasses, fractures, and folds within firn and marine iceArcone, Steven A.; Lever, J. H.; Ray, Laura E.; Walker, Benjamin S.; Hamilton, Gordon.; Kaluzienski, Lynn M.
2021-12Velocity field in the McMurdo shear zone from annual ground penetrating radar imaging and crevasse matchingRay, Laura E.; Jordan, Madeleine.; Arcone, Steven A.; Kaluzienski, Lynn M.; Walker, Benjamin.; Koons, Peter Ortquist.; Lever, J. H.; Hamilton, Gordon.
1990-12UHF model simulation of detecting voids in dielectric medium using HF-VHF airborne short-pulse radarBelvoir Research, Development, and Engineering Center (U.S.); Arcone, Steven A.
1991-07Investigations of freshwater and ice surveying using short-pulse radarO'Neill, Kevin, 1946-; Arcone, Steven A.
1979-10Effects of seasonal changes and ground ice on electromagnetic surveys of permafrostArcone, Steven A.; Delaney, Allan J.; Sellmann, P. V. (Paul V.)
1986-07Short-pulse radar investigations of freshwater ice sheets and brash iceArcone, Steven A.; Delaney, Allan J.; Perham, Roscoe E.