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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Field measurement and monitoring of hydrodynamic and suspended sediment within the Seven Mile Island Innovation Laboratory, New JerseyFall, Kelsey A.; Perkey, David W.; Tyler, Zachary J.; Welp, Timothy W.
2022-07Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Sediment Sampling & Analysis : W912HN21F2011 – Final ReportGHD Inc.
2017-06A guide for using geochemical methods in dredged material, sediment tracking, and sediment budget studiesWadman, Heidi M.; Perkey, David W.; Seiter-Moser, Jennifer M.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Lafferty, Brandon J.
2017-04Identification of sediment sources to Calumet River through geochemical fingerprintingPerkey, David W.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Seiter-Moser, Jennifer M.; Wadman, Heidi M.
2022-07Sediment Provenance Studies of the Calcasieu Ship Channel, Louisiana : A Synopsis ReportPerkey, David W.; Priestas, Anthony M.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.; Brown, Gary L.; Hartman, Michael A.; Tarpley, Danielle R. N.; Luong, Phu V.
2022-07Using Geophysical and Erosion Properties to Identify Potential Beneficial Use Applications for Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway SedimentsPerkey, David W.; Tarpley, Danielle R. N.; Styles, Renée M
2022-07Impacts of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) on erosion behavior of muddy sedimentTarpley, Danielle R. N.; Perkey, David W.
2020-04Geochemical fingerprinting of sediment sources associated with deposition in the Calcasieu Ship ChannelPerkey, David W.; Priestas, Anthony M.; Boyd, Brandon M.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.; Moores, Lee C.
2020-07Erosion thresholds and rates for sand-mud mixturesPerkey, David W.; Smith, S. Jarrell; Priestas, Anthony M.
2014-08Field feasibility study on the use of existing commercially available instrumentation to detect fine-scale (≤1mm) bottom elevation changes : Currituck Sound, North CarolinaEnvironmental Laboratory (U.S.); Dredging Operations and Environmental Research Program (U.S.); Perkey, David W.; Wadman, Heidi M.