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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-04Study of navigation channel feasibility, Willapa Bay, WashingtonEvans-Hamilton, Inc.; Pacific International Engineering; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Abbott, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1939-; Arden, Hiram T.; Bermudez, Hugo; Bratos, Steven M.; Brown, Mitchell E.; Ebersole, Bruce A.; Fenical, Scott; Fitzgerald, Ken, 1955-; Giles, Suzanne L. (Suzanne Lynn); Hands, Edward B.; Kurrus, Keith; Militello, Adele.; Phillips, Shane Michael; Scheffner, Norman W.; Seabergh, William C.; Shepsis, Vladimir; Smith, Jane McKee.; Titus, Carol
1997-06Water-level analysis for Cumberland Sound, GeorgiaConrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Faucette, R. Christian.; Rogan, Mary K.
2002-07Study of navigation channel feasibility, Willapa Bay, Washington. Report 2, Entrance channel monitoring and study of Bay Center Entrance ChannelKraus, Nicholas C.; Arden, Hiram T.; Simpson, David P.; Brown, Mitchell E.; Cooke, Lennie Rae; Hands, Edward B.; Hericks, David B.; Oliver-Hudak, Lori; Militello, Adele.; Osborne, Philip D.; Seabergh, William C.; Shepsis, Vladimir; Simpson, David P.
2003-07Monitoring dredged material disposal at mouth of Columbia River, Washington/Oregon, USAUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Portland District.; SonTek, Inc.; Applied Coastal Research and Engineering.; O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Smith, Jarrell W.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; McGee, David D.; Hands, Edward B.; Mayers, Charles J.; Moritz, Hans R.; Moritz, Heidi P.; Siipola, Mark D.; Slocum, Daryl B.; Byrnes, Mark R. (Mark Richard); Li, Feng; Dibble, Terence L.; Hollings, William H.; Lund, Christian R.; Sollitt, Charles K.; Standley, David R.
2004-06(Vol. II - Appendix E-H) North jetty performance and entrance navigation channel maintenance, Grays, Washington. Volume II : AppendicesKraus, Nicholas C.; Arden, Hiram T.; Baker, Jessica L.; Byrnes, Mark R. (Mark Richard); Cialone, Mary A.; Cohen, Julie A.; Davies, Michael H.; Hericks, David B.; Katzev, David.; McDonald, Neil J.; Osborne, Philip D.; Timpano, Maria; Ward, Donald L. (Donald Leslie), 1943-; Wamsley, Ty V.
2000-09Introduction to the diagnostic modeling system (DMS)Kraus, Nicholas C.
1998-09Estimation of uncertainty in coastal-sediment budgets at inletsKraus, Nicholas C.; Rosati, Julie Dean.
1995-01Kings Bay Coastal and Estuarine Physical Monitoring and Evaluation Program : coastal studies. Volume 2, Appendices B-GUnited States. Naval Facilities Engineering Command.; United States. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Gorman, Laurel T. (Laurel Therese), 1951-; Pope, Joan.
1995-09SUPERTANK Laboratory Data Collection Project. Volume II, Appendices A-ISUPERTANK Laboratory Data Collection Project.; Smith, Jane McKee.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1994-01SUPERTANK Laboratory Data Collection Project. Volume I, Main textSUPERTANK Laboratory Data Collection Project.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Smith, Jane McKee.