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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09Is mean discharge meaningless for environmental flow management?McKay, S. Kyle.
2022-12Invasive species costs to the USACE Navigation Business Line : a demonstration analysis in the Chicago DistrictAbou-El-Seoud, Dena.; Potthoff, Johnna J.; Cheek, John D.; Stamper, Jeffrey L.; Yates, Steven B.; Druzbicki, David E.; Chambers, Courtney E.; Whitsel, Tara J.; Boudreaux, Gregory L.; Chagnovich, Celia M.; Frank, Carin J.
2022-08Engineering With Nature® principles in action : islandsWhitfield, Paula E.; Suedel, Burton C.; Egan, Kelly A.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.; Davis, Jenny L.; Carson, David C.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Balthis, William L.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.
2022-07Environmental Effects of Sediment Release from Dams : Conceptual Model and Literature Review for the Kansas River BasinHernandez-Abrams, Darixa D.; Bailey, Susan E.; McKay, S. Kyle
2022-09Qualification of Hanna Instruments HI9829 for the Environmental Toolkit for Expeditionary OperationsGurtowski, Luke A.; LeMonte, Joshua J.; Bennett, Jay.; Lafferty, Brandon J.; Middleton, Matthew.
2022-02Environmental impact of metals resulting from military training activities : a reviewBarker, Amanda J.; Clausen, Jay L.; Douglas, Thomas A.; Bednar, Anthony J.; Griggs, Christopher S.; Martin, William A.
2022-04Determination of nanomaterial viscosity and rheology properties using a rotational rheometerWu, Qihua.; Kremer, Kathryn.; Gibbons, Stephen.; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-
2022-07Boronic acid functionalized ferrocene derivatives towards fluoride sensingFernando, P. U. Ashvin Iresh.; Kosgei, Gilbert K.; Glasscott, Matthew W.; George, Garrett W.; Alberts, Erik.; Moores, Lee C.
2022-04Tombigbee River : River Miles 81.0-76.0 sediment management studyBrown, Jasen L.; Davinroy, Robert D.; Nguyen, Ivan H.; Rhoads, Aron M.; Lovelace, Nathan D.; Russ, Emily R.; Straub, Jessamin A.
2022-02Microbiome perturbations during domestication of the green June beetle (Cotinis nitida)Jung, Carina M.; Carr, Matthew R.; Lindsay, Denise L.; Fleischman, Eric.; Roesch, Chandler J.