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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Reproducibility assessment and uncertainty quantification in subjective dust source mappingSinclair, Samantha N.; LeGrand, Sandra L.
2021-03Utilizing data from the NOAA National Data Buoy CenterHall, Candice.; Jensen, Robert E.
2021-04Channel assessment tools for rapid watershed assessmentHaring, Christopher P.; Biedenharn, David S.
2020-07Spatiotemporally coherent tensor decompositions for the analysis of trajectory dataRuiz, Trevor.; Ellison, Charlotte L.
2021-04Automated terrain classification for vehicle mobility in off-road conditionsHodgdon, Taylor S.; Fuentes, Anthony J.; Olivier, Jason L.; Quinn, Brian G.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2023-01Three-dimensional geospatial product generation from tactical sources, co-registration assessment, and considerationsRuby, Jeffrey G.; Massaro, Richard D.; Anderson, John E.; Fischer, Robert L.
2020-05Rapid watershed assessment tools based on high-resolution terrain dataHaring, Christopher P.; Theiling, Charles H.; Dougherty, Michael P.
2020-04Investigation into laboratory bathymetric measurement techniquesMcFall, Brian C.; Wolters, Guido.
2021-05Remotely sensed habitat assessment of bottomland hardwood and swamp habitat : West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System potential impact areaSaltus, Christina L.; Suir, Glenn M.
2020-02Local spatial dispersion for multiscale modeling of geospatial data : exploring dispersion measures to determine optimal raster data sample sizesBlundell, S. Bruce.; Wayant, Nicole M.