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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03Suggested updates for the inclusion of guidance on ultra-high performance concrete to USACE Engineering Manual 1110-2-2000, Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works StructuresScott, Dylan A.; Wood, Stephanie G.; Green, Brian H.; Songer, Bradford P.
2023-01Three-dimensional geospatial product generation from tactical sources, co-registration assessment, and considerationsRuby, Jeffrey G.; Massaro, Richard D.; Anderson, John E.; Fischer, Robert L.
2023-03Experimental fatigue evaluation of underwater steel panels retrofitted with fiber polymersMahmoud, Hussam.; Riveros, Guillermo A.; Hudak, Lauren.; Hassan, Emad M.
2023-01US port connectivity and ramifications for maintenance of South Atlantic Division portsBain, Rachel L.; Young, David L.; Kress, Marin M.; Chambers, Katherine.; Scully, Brandan.
2023-03Hands-free mooring for inland USACE Locks, Phase I : technical screeningWilliams, Locke M.; Cheek, John D.; Hammack, E. Allen.; Johnston, Morgan M.; Smith, Ryan E.
2023-03Safe and rapid development of advanced materials : a research case study for safe development of nanoenabled environmental sensorsBallentine, Mark L.; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; May, Lauren R.; Shih, Wu-Sheng.; Patel, Rishi.; Kavastha, Vijaya.; Price, Cynthia L.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Gust, Kurt A.; Rycroft, Taylor E.; Laird, Jennifer G.
2023-03Shallow geothermal technology, opportunities in cold regions, and related data for deployment at Fort WainwrightZody, Zachary J.; Gisladottir, Viktoria R.
2023-02-15Experimental Engineering Division Frost and Pavement Studies Finding AidCold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
2023-03MODIS Optical Global Water Intelligence (MOGWAI) Web Application User GuideBrown, Dustin T.; Pham, Melissa V.; Wahl, Mark D.; Cotterman, Kayla A.
2023-02Sustainable sediment management at US Army Corps of Engineers reservoirsMorris, Gregory L.; Dahl, Travis A.; Ramos-Villanueva, Marielys.; Leech, James R.; Jonas, Meg M.