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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03Engineering With Nature website user guideClement, Michael A.
2022-09A fuzzy epigenetic model for representing degradation in engineered systemsSeale, Maria A.; Salter, R. Cody.; Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia.; Ruvinsky, Alicia I.
2022-032020 guided wave inspection of California Department of Water Resources tainter gate post-tensioned trunnion anchor rods : Oroville DamRay, Jason D.; Thurmer, Clayton R.
2023-03Experimental fatigue evaluation of underwater steel panels retrofitted with fiber polymersMahmoud, Hussam.; Riveros, Guillermo A.; Hudak, Lauren.; Hassan, Emad M.
2022-12Helicopter rotor blade planform optimization using parametric design and multi-objective genetic algorithmWenren, Yonghu.; Lim, Joon W.; Allen, Luke D.; Haehnel, Robert B.; Dettwiller, Ian D.
2022-07A tutorial on the rapid distortion theory model for unidirectional, plane shearing of homogeneous turbulenceHart, Carl R.; Lyons, Gregory W.
2023-03An ontology for an epigenetics approach to prognostics and health managementRuvinsky, Alicia I.; Seale, Maria A.; Salter, R. Cody.; Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia.
2023-03Underwater carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP)–retrofitted steel hydraulic structures (SHS) fatigue cracksRiveros, Guillermo A.; Mahmoud, Hussam.
2022-12Early life-cycle prediction of reliabilityBuchanan, Randy K.; Rinaudo, Christina H.; Gallarno, George E.; Lagarde, M. Luc
2023-05Advances in dredged material evaluations for inland and ocean aquatic placement : modernized processes and supportive toolsKennedy, Alan James, 1976-; Moore, David W.; Farrar, J. Daniel.; Lotufo, Guilherme R.; Suedel, Burton C.; Bailey, Susan E.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.); Krupa, Paige M.; Rycroft, Taylor E.; May, Trent C.