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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02Observation of crack arrest in ice by high aspect ratio particles during uniaxial compressionAsenath-Smith, Emily.; Lieblappen, Ross M.; Taylor, Susan.; Winter, Reed R.; Melendy, Terry D.; Moser, Robert D.; Haehnel, Robert B.
2023-03Suggested updates for the inclusion of guidance on ultra-high performance concrete to USACE Engineering Manual 1110-2-2000, Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works StructuresScott, Dylan A.; Wood, Stephanie G.; Green, Brian H.; Songer, Bradford P.
2022-04Waterborne geophysical investigation to assess condition of grouted foundation : Old River Control Complex – Low Sill Structure, Concordia Parish, LouisianaBreland, Benjamin R.; Simms, Janet E.; Doll, William E.; Greenwood, Jason.; Kaufman, Ronald.
2022-10Development and validation of a balanced mix design approach for CIR mixtures using full-scale testingAli, Ayman.; Saidi, Ahmed.; Mehta, Yusuf.; DeCarlo, Christopher J.; Elshaer, Mohamed H.; Cox, Benjamin C.; Lein, Wade A.
2022-07Effects of impure water sources on early-age properties of calcium sulfoaluminate cements for rapid airfield damage recoveryLong, Wendy R.; Doyle, Jesse D.; Martinez-Guerra, Edith, 1989-; Griggs, Christopher S.
2022-03Full-scale evaluation of multi-axial geogrids in road applicationsRobinson, W. Jeremy.
2022-10Numerical modeling of mesoscale infrasound propagation in the ArcticWilson, D. Keith.; Shaw, Michael J.; Ostashev, Vladimir E.; Muhlestein, Michael B.; Alter, Ross E.; Swearingen, Michelle E.; McComas, Sarah L.
2022-09Evaluation of a prototype integrated pavement screed for screeding asphalt or concrete crater repairsCox, Benjamin C.; Hoffman, Nolan R.; Carr, Thomas A.
2022-03Terrestrial fate and effects of nanometer-sized silverJohnson, David R.; Boyd, Robert E.; Bednar, Anthony J.; Banks, Cynthia J.; Weiss, Charles Arthur, 1961-; Coleman, Jessica G.; Suedel, Burton C.; Steevens, Jeffery A.
2022-07Validation of the automatic dynamic cone penetrometerBerney, Ernest S.; Daugherty, Jami Lynn.; Edwards, Lulu.