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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05Southern Flying Squirrels (Glaucomys volans) as major predators of avian nest boxesDeGregorio, Brett A.; Sperry, Jinelle H.; Kovar, Daniel G.; Steen, David A.
2022-12Fort Hunter Liggett : a history and analysisStory, Madison L.; Smith, Adam D.
2022-08Installation utility monitoring and control system technical guideBush, Joseph.; Westervelt, Eileen T.; Clark, Brian C.; Schwenk, David M.; Briggs, Stephen J.; Shepard, Daniel A.; Long, Michael Cary.; Patel, Tapan C.; Johnson, Melanie D.; Lynch, Eric D.
2022-11Network development and autonomous vehicles : a smart transportation testbed at Fort Carson : project report summary and recommendationsLarkin, Lance L.; Carlson, Thomas A.; D’Andrea, William R.; Johnson, Andrew L.; Myers, Natalie R. D.
2022-12Evaluating a multi-panel air cathode through electrochemical and biotic testsRossi, Ruggero.; Jones, David.; Myung, Jaewook.; Zikmund, Emily.; Yang, Wulin.; Alvarez Gallego, Yolanda.; Pant, Deepak.; Evans, Patrick J.; Page, Martin A.; Cropek, Donald M. (Donald Michael); Logan, Bruce E.
2022-10Numerical modeling of mesoscale infrasound propagation in the ArcticWilson, D. Keith.; Shaw, Michael J.; Ostashev, Vladimir E.; Muhlestein, Michael B.; Alter, Ross E.; Swearingen, Michelle E.; McComas, Sarah L.
2022-09Evaluation of 11 buildings in the Fort McCoy cantonmentAdams, Sunny E.; Story, Madison L.; Smith, Adam D.
2022-09Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for open-air solid waste burning in contingency locationsUrban, Angela B.; Wallingford, Ioannis E.; Cosper, Stephen D.; Rice, Abigail M.; Wolf, Whitney K.; Anderson, H. Garth.; Wolford, Michael.; Gemeinhardt, Chad A.; Stokes, David W.
2022-11Automation of gridded HEC-HMS model development using Python : initial condition testing and calibration applicationsMatus, Sean A.; Gambill, Daniel R.
2022-06Operations & Maintenance (O&M) facility data exchange pilot expansion to BUILDER SMSCarrasquillo-Mangual, Mariangelica.; Martin, Jillian.; Mehnert, Brenda.; Gairhan, Julia.; Woods, Van J.; Brucker, Beth A.