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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-08Cold testing of a borehole camera and LED light for use at the South PoleGagnon, John J.
2009-08Methods for Tier 1 modeling within the Training Range Environmental Evaluation and Characterization SystemDortch, Mark S.; Gerald, Jeffrey A.; Johnson, Billy E.
2009-07Hydrogeomorphic approach to assessing wetland functions: guidelines for developing regional guidebooks Chapter 8Noble, Chris V.; Carpenter, Lili
2009-07A review of methods for moving boundary problemsKees, Christopher E.; Farthing, Matthew W.; Berger, Rutherford C.; Lackey, Tahirih C.
2009-09Numerical model study of the Tuscarawas River below Dover Dam, OhioStockstill, Richard L.; Vaughan, Jane M.
2009-01Overhills: Lindley Nursery Area: historic building surveySmith, Adam D.; Stupich, Martin J.; Feucht, Jennifer; Lai, Christella
2009-05Enhanced tools and techniques to support debris management in disaster response missionsChannell, Michael G.; Graves, Mark R.; Medina, Victor F.; Morrow, Agnes B.; Brandon, Dennis L.; Nestler, Catherine C.
2009-12Preconstruction biogeochemical analysis of mercury in wetlands bordering the Hamilton Army Airfield wetlands restoration site; part 3Best, E. P. H.; Fredrickson, Herbert L.
2009-12Legacy chlordane in soils from housing areas treated with organochlorine pesticidesMedina, Victor F.; Waisner, Scott A.
2009-08Recreating the 1950's Chesapeake Bay : use of a network model to guide the application of a eutrophication modelHamlin-Tillman, Dorothy E.; Cerco, C. F.