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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976-01Chesapeake Bay radioactive tracer studyTool, Allen R.
1977-04State-of-the-art applicability of conventional densification techniques to increase disposal area storage capacityJohnson, Stanley J.; Cunny, Robert W.; Perry, Edward B. (Edward Belk); Devay, Leslie
1977-05Investigation of subaqueous borrow pits as potential sites for dredged material disposalBroughton, Jerald D.
1977-10Oxygenation of dredged material by direct injection of oxygen and air during open-water pipeline disposalNeal, R. W.; Pojasek, Robert B.; Johnson, J. C.
1977-11A laboratory study of the turbidity generation potential of sediments to be dredgedWechsler, Barry A.; Cogley, David R.
1978-04Colonial bird use and plant succession on dredged material islands in Florida. Vol. I, Sea and wading bird coloniesSchreiber, Ralph W.; Schreiber, Elizabeth Anne
1978-06Development of procedures for selecting and designing reusable dredged material disposal sitesRaster, Thomas E.; Gill, Harbinder S.; Steuernagel, David C.; Lipiro, David J.
1978-05Characterization of confined disposal area influent and effluent particulate and petroleum fractionsLu, James C. S.; Eichenberger, Bert; Knezevic, Miroslav; Chen, Kenneth Y.
1978-05Weir design to maintain effluent quality from dredged material containment areasWalski, Thomas M.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.)
1978-06Physical and chemical characterization of dredged material influents and effluents in confined land disposal areasHoeppel, Ronald E; Myers, Tommy E.; Engler, Robert M.