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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976-09Beach nourishment techniques : Report 1 : Dredging systems for beach nourishment from offshore sourcesRichardson, Thomas W.
1978-05Effects of depth on dredging frequency. Report 1, Survey of district officesTrawle, Michael J.; Boyd, Jesse A.
1976-10Effects of dredging and disposal on some benthos at Monterey Bay, CaliforniaOliver, J. S. (John S.); Slattery, Peter N.
1978-08Evaluation of the submerged discharge of dredged material slurry during pipeline dredge operationsNeal, Robert W.; Henry, George; Greene, Stephen H.
1978-08Laboratory investigation of the dynamics of mud flows generated by open-water pipeline disposal operationsHenry, George; Neal, Robert W.; Greene, Stephen H.
1978-08Evaluation and calibration of the Tetra Tech dredged material disposal models based on field dataJohnson, Billy H.; Holliday, Barry W.
1978-09Development and application of design and operation procedures for coagulation of dredged material slurry and containment area effluentJones, Richard H.; Williams, Randall R.; Moore, Thomas K.
1978-12Methodology for design of fine-grained dredged material containment areas for solids retentionMontgomery, Raymond L. (Raymond Lowree)
1978-06Vertical migration of benthos in simulated dredged material overburdens : vol. 1 : marine benthosMaurer, D. L.; Keck, R. T.; Tinsman, J. C.; Leathem, W. A.; Wethe, C. A.; Huntzinger, M.; Lord, C.; Church, T. M.
1978-06Effects of turbidity and suspended material in aquatic environments : literature reviewStern, Edward M.; Stickle, William B., 1943-