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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-02Engineering specification guidelines for wetland plant establishment and subgrade preparationDunne, Kenneth P.; Rodrigo, A. Mahendra.; Samanns, Edward.
2000-03Wetlands engineering handbookHayes, Donald F.; Estes, Trudy J.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-; Palermo, Michael R.
1995-12A guidebook for application of hydrogeomorphic assessments to riverine wetlandsBrinson, Mark M.; Rheinhardt, Richard D., 1954-; Hauer, F. Richard.; Lee, Lyndon C.; Nutter, Wade L.; Smith, R. Daniel; Whigham, Dennis F.
1998-12National guidebook for application of hydrogeomorphic assessment to tidal fringe wetlandsShafer, Deborah J.; Yozzo, David John.
1995-08Floristic index for establishing assessment standards : a case study for Northern OhioAndreas, Barbara K.; Lichvar, Robert
1999-05A regional guidebook for assessing the functions of low gradient, Riverine Wetlands in Western KentuckyAinslie, William B.; Smith, R. Daniel; Pruitt, Bruce A.; Roberts, Thomas H.; Sparks, Earl J.; West, Larry.; Godshalk, Gordon Lamar; Miller, Michael V.
1984-03Wetlands functions and values study plan. Appendix A, Analysis of methodologies for assessing wetland valuesLonard, Robert I.; Clairain, Ellis J. Jr.; Huffman, Robert T.; Hardy, Joe Wayne, 1935-; Brown, Linda D.; Ballard, Paul E.; Watts, Janet W.
1983-12Wetlands functions and values study plan. Appendix B, Survey of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetlands values information needsForsythe, Stephen W.; Clairain, Ellis J. Jr.; Smith, Hanley K.
1985-08Wetlands functions and values study planClairain, Ellis J. Jr.; Sanders, Dana R., Sr.; Smith, Hanley K.; Klimas, Charles V.
1993-08Summary of literature describing the functional ability of wetlands to enhance wastewater qualityPhillips, Ronald C.; Westerdahl, Howard E.; Mize, A. L.; Robinson, S. A.