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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03Safe and rapid development of advanced materials : a research case study for safe development of nanoenabled environmental sensorsBallentine, Mark L.; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; May, Lauren R.; Shih, Wu-Sheng.; Patel, Rishi.; Kavastha, Vijaya.; Price, Cynthia L.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Gust, Kurt A.; Rycroft, Taylor E.; Laird, Jennifer G.
2023-01Swan Island resilience model development; Phase I : conceptual modelHerman, Brook D.; Whitfield, Paula E.; Davis, Jenny L.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Golden, Becky Raves.; Dillon, S. Catie.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Swannack, Todd M.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.
2023-03An ontology for an epigenetics approach to prognostics and health managementRuvinsky, Alicia I.; Seale, Maria A.; Salter, R. Cody.; Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia.
2023-03Exploration of two polymer nanocomposite structure-property relationships facilitated by molecular dynamics simulation and multiscale modelingPisani, William A.; Wedgeworth, Dane N.; Roth, Michael R.; Newman, John K.; Shukla, Manoj K.
2023-01Strength and toughness inputs to fitness for service analysis of existing hydraulic steel structuresSchultz, Martin T.; Milligan, Jarrod H.; Skahill, Brian E. (Brian Edward); Campbell, Leslie E.; Sauser, Phillip W.; Bell, Ramsay D.
2023-02Remote sensing tools to support ordinary high water mark delineationHaring, Christopher P.; Gordon, Kyle B.; Darby, Tom.
2023-04Eelgrass functions, services, and considerations for compensatory mitigationAltman, Safra.; Balazik, Matthew T.; Thomas, Catherine C.
2023-04Estimating present value cost of invasive Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) on USACE project landsPfisterer, Nathan E.; Beane, Nathan R.; Weber, Christopher R.
2023-04Stormwater management practices, monitoring, and maintenance plan for US Army Garrison at West Point, NYHernandez-Abram, Darixa D.; Pruitt, Bruce A.; Wiest, Samantha R.; McKay, S. Kyle.
2023-04Technical guide for the development, evaluation, and modification of wetland rapid assessment methods for the Corps Regulatory ProgramBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; David, Gabrielle C. L.; Gordon, Kyle B.