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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Evaluation of methods for monitoring herbaceous vegetationHerman, Brook D.
2019-03Marsh assessment and restoration implementation at three salt marshes in response to relative sea level rise : a report from webinars and supplemental findingsVanZomeren, Christine M.; Murray, Elizabeth O.; Acevedo-Mackey, Damarys.
2012-08Ranking secondary channels for restoration using an index approachKillgore, K. Jack; Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; Lewis, Bradley R.; Nassar, Ron.
2012-09Ranking restoration alternatives for the lower Mississippi River : Application of multi-criteria decision analysisBoysen, Krista A.; Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; Killgore, K. Jack
2014-02Retrospective evaluation of Corps aquatic ecosystem restoration projects protocol part 1 : Project overviewGardner, Justin S.; Maynard, Erynn E.; Price, David L.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-
2012-04An illustrative case study of the application of uncertainty concepts and methods for ecosystem restorationConvertino, Matteo.; Suedel, Burton C.; Baker, Kelsie M.; Vogel, John T.; Valverde, L. James; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-; Linkov, Igor.
2012-08Application of risk management and uncertainty concepts and methods for ecosystem restoration: Principles and best practiceSuedel, Burton C.; Valverde, L. James; Vogel, John T.; Linkov, Igor.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-
2008-02The application of conceptual models to ecosystem restorationFischenich, J. Craig, 1962-
2012-08An approach for developing regional environmental benefits modelsMcKay, S. Kyle.; Pruitt, Bruce A.
2007-09Surfgrass restoration in the northeast PacificWylie-Echeverria, Tina; Hannan, Michael; Wylie-Echeverria, Sandy; Shafer, Deborah J.