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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07Incorporating ecosystem goods and services in environmental planning – definitions, classification and operational approachesMurray, Elizabeth O.; Cushing, Janet A.; Wainger, Lisa A.; Tazik, David J.
2014-09Development of genetic markers for environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring of SturgeonFarrington, Heather L.; Lance, Richard F., 1967-
2013-08Alternative environmental flow management schemesMcKay, S. Kyle.
2014-01Retrospective evaluation of the protocol for US Army Corps of Engineers aquatic ecosystem restoration projects, Part 2 : database content and data entry guidelinesGardner, Justin S.; Maynard, Erynn E.; Price, David L.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-
2012-10Ecosystem restoration objectives and metricsMcKay, S. Kyle.; Linkov, Igor.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-; Miller, Sarah J.; Valverde, L. James
2014-02Retrospective evaluation of Corps aquatic ecosystem restoration projects protocol part 1 : Project overviewGardner, Justin S.; Maynard, Erynn E.; Price, David L.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-
2012-12Evaluating protocols to quantify the significance of aquatic ecosystems at regional and national scales : proceedings of a workshop, Cambridge, MA, 20-22 July 2011Tazik, David J.
2009-12Influence of hydrologic connectivity on plant species diversity along southwestern rivers: implications for restorationStromberg, Juliet C.; White, Margaret S.; White, Jacqueline M.; Shorrock, Donna; Fischer, Richard A., Jr., 1964-
2012-06Reference concepts in ecosystem restoration and environmental benefits analysis : principles and practicesMiller, Sarah J.; Pruitt, Bruce A.; Theiling, Charles H.; Fischenich, J. Craig, 1962-; Komlos, Shawn B.
2007-09Surfgrass restoration in the northeast PacificWylie-Echeverria, Tina; Hannan, Michael; Wylie-Echeverria, Sandy; Shafer, Deborah J.