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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02A comparison of handheld field chemical sensors for soil characterization with a focus on LIBSClausen, Jay L.; Hark, Richard.; Harmon, R. S. (Russell S.); Plumer, John.; Beal, Samuel A.; Bishop, Meghan.
2022-01Interior Alaska DoD training land wildlife habitat vulnerability to permafrost thaw, an altered fire regime, and hydrologic changesDouglas, Thomas A.; Jorgenson, M. Torre.; Genet, Hélène.; Marcot, Bruce G.; Nelsen, Patricia E.
2022-07Short-range near-surface seismic ensemble predictions and uncertainty quantification for layered mediumVecherin, Sergey N.; Ketcham, Stephen A. (Stephen Alan); Meyer, Aaron C.; Dunn, Kyle G.; Desmond, Jacob R.; Parker, Michael W.
2022-02Dynamics modeling and robotic-assist, leader-follower control of tractor convoysCook, Joshua T.; Ray, Laura E.; Lever, J. H.
2022-09Ground-penetrating radar studies of permafrost, periglacial, and near-surface geology at McMurdo Station, AntarcticaCampbell, Seth W.; Affleck, Rosa T.; Sinclair, Samantha N.
2022-08Brine, englacial structure and basal properties near the terminus of McMurdo Ice Shelf, AntarcticaCampbell, Seth W.; Courville, Zoe R.; Sinclair, Samantha N.; Wilner, Joel.
2022-08Automated detection of austere entry landing zones : a “GRAIL Tools” validation assessmentSinclair, Samantha N.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2021-09Extra-wide-angle parabolic equations in motionless and moving mediaOstashev, Vladimir E.; Muhlestein, Michael B.; Wilson, D. Keith.
2020-08Street‐scale mapping of urban radio frequency noise at very high frequency and ultra high frequencyBreton, Daniel J.; Haedrich, Caitlin E.; Kamrath, Matthew J.; Wilson, D. Keith.
2021-08Photo-transformation of aqueous nitroguanidine and 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one : emerging munitions compoundsBecher, Julie B.; Beal, Samuel A.; Taylor, Susan.; Dontsova, Katerina M.; Wilcox, Dean E.