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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-04Stormwater management practices, monitoring, and maintenance plan for US Army Garrison at West Point, NYHernandez-Abram, Darixa D.; Pruitt, Bruce A.; Wiest, Samantha R.; McKay, S. Kyle.
2023-04Technical guide for the development, evaluation, and modification of wetland rapid assessment methods for the Corps Regulatory ProgramBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; David, Gabrielle C. L.; Gordon, Kyle B.
2023-05Advances in dredged material evaluations for inland and ocean aquatic placement : modernized processes and supportive toolsKennedy, Alan James, 1976-; Moore, David W.; Farrar, J. Daniel.; Lotufo, Guilherme R.; Suedel, Burton C.; Bailey, Susan E.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.); Krupa, Paige M.; Rycroft, Taylor E.; May, Trent C.
1978-05Weir design to maintain effluent quality from dredged material containment areasWalski, Thomas M.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.)
1978-08Habitat development field investigations, Bolivar Peninsula, marsh and upland habitat development site, Galveston Bay, Texas : summary reportAllen, Hollis H.; Clairain, Ellis J.; Diaz, R. J. (Robert J.); Ford, Alfred W.; Hunt, L. Jean.; Wells, B. R.
1978-06Physical and chemical characterization of dredged material influents and effluents in confined land disposal areasHoeppel, Ronald E; Myers, Tommy E.; Engler, Robert M.
1978-06Needs and areas of potential application of Disposal Area Reuse Management (DARM)Palermo, Michael R.
1978-08Habitat development field investigations, Apalachicola Bay marsh development site, Apalachicola Bay, Florida : summary reportKruczynski, William L.; Huffman, Robert T.; Vincent, Mary K.
1978-07Habitat development field investigations, Port St. Joe seagrass demonstration site, Port St. Joe, Florida : summary reportPhillips, Ronald C.; Vincent, Mary K.; Huffman, Robert T.
2023-05Extraction and analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) films using GC-MS and LC-MS/MSKimble, Ashley N.; Muensterman, Derek J.; Cahuas, Liliana; Titaley, Ivan A.; Field, Jennifer; Bednar, Anthony J.; Moores, Lee C.