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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-03Rates and effects of sedimentation in the context of dredging and dredged material placementDredging Operations and Environmental Research Program (U.S.); Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1979-08Flood Tolerance in Plants : a State-of-the-Art ReviewWhitlow, Thomas H.; Harris, Richard W.; Environmental Laboratory (U.S.); University of California, Davis. Department of Environmental Horticulture.
1986-08CE-QUAL-W2 : a numerical two-dimensional, laterally averaged model of hydrodynamics and water quality : user's manualEnvironmental and Water Quality Operational Studies (U.S.); Environmental Laboratory (U.S.); Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
1995-07CE-QUAL-R1 : a numerical one-dimensional model of reservoir water quality, user's manualEnvironmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1981-03User's Manual for the Evaluation and Sensitivity Analysis Program (ESAP)Mumpower, Jeryl, 1949-; Bollacker, Lee.; University of Colorado. Institute of Behavioral Science; Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1981-02A Review of Numerical Reservoir Hydrodynamic ModelingJohnson, Billy H.; Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.); Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1981-03Reaeration through Gated-Conduit Outlet WorksWilhelms, Steven C.; Smith, Dennis R. (Dennis Ray), 1943-; Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.); Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1982-09Empirical Methods for Predicting Eutrophication in Impoundments. Report 2, Phase II, Model TestingWalker, William W.; Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1980-03Simulation Modeling of Zooplankton and Benthos in Reservoirs : Documentation and Development of Model ConstructsLeidy, George R.; Ploskey, Gene R.; National Reservoir Research Program (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service); Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1981-09Effects of Reservoir Releases on Tailwater Ecology : a Literature ReviewWalburg, Charles H.; Novotny, Jerry F.; Jacobs, Kenneth E.; Swink, William D.; Campbell, Terry M.; Nestler, John M.; Saul, G. E. (Gary Earl), 1949-; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. East Central Reservoir Investigations; Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)