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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07A review of sensor-based approaches for monitoring rapid response treatments of cyanoHABsJohansen, Richard A.; Katzenmeyer, Alan W.; Pokrzywinski, Kaytee L.; Reif, Molly K.
2023-07Adverse outcome pathways for engineered systemsSalter, R. Cody.; Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia.; Ruvinsky, Alicia I.; Seale, Maria A.; Perkins, Edward J.
2022-04Sustainable harmful algal bloom mitigation by 3D printed photocatalytic oxidation devices (3D-PODs)Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; McQueen, Andrew D.; Ballentine, Mark L.; Fernando, Brianna M.; May, Lauren R.; Boyda, Jonna A.; Williams, Christopher B.; Bortner, Michael J.
2022-07Chitosan as a Coagulant and Precipitant of Algae Present in BackwaterThomas, Catherine C.; Broussard, Jonathan; Medina, Victor F.
2021-09Observation of silver carp spawning in a Mississippi River tributaryKillgore, K. Jack; George, Steven G.
2023-08Sensitivity of simulated flaw-height estimates to phased array scan parametersRay, Jason D.; Kinnebrew, James S.; Bell, Ramsay D.; Schultz, Martin T.
2023-08Dredged material can benefit submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) habitatsRuss, Emily R.; Yarnall, Amy H.; Altman, Safra.
2023-08International Workshop on Cold Regions Defense Infrastructure : 13–15 September 2022, Hanover, New HampshireDouglas, Thomas A.; Bosche, Lauren V.; Martinez-Guerra, Edith, 1989-; Tibbett, Caitlin M.; Welling, Orian Z.; Smith, Clint B.; Yu, Justine A.; Bjella, Kevin L.; Woods, John
2023-08Effects of sedimentation on three Hawaiian coral species under laboratory conditionsWilkens, Justin L.; Barkman, Alexandria; Meltel, Alexi; Suedel, Burton C.; Richmond, Robert H.
2023-08Improving spatial and temporal monitoring of dredging operations incorporating unmanned technologiesWilkens, Justin L.; McQueen, Andrew D.; Suedel, Burton C.