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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09Flowering rush control in hydrodynamic systems : part 1 : water exchange processesSartain, Bradley Todd, 1987-; Getsinger, Kurt D.; Walter, Damian J.; Madsen, John Douglas.; Levoy, Shayne.
2022-07Scenario analyses in ecological modeling and ecosystem managementHernandez-Abrams, Darixa D.; Carrillo, Carra C.; Swannack, Todd S.
2022-06Simulated herbicide spray retention on floating aquatic plants as affected by carrier volume and adjuvant typeSperry, Benjamin P., 1992-; Mudge, Christopher R.; Getsinger, Kurt D.
2022-09Analytic methods for establishing restoration trajectoriesRunion, Kyle D.; Altman, Safra.; Murray, Elizabeth O.
2022-09Incorporating social and environmental outputs in decision-making : workshop outcomesGagnon, Paul R.; Gallihugh, Jeanette L.; Komlos, Shawn B.; Durden, Susan E.; Vaughan, E. Tyson.; Murray, Elizabeth O.; Estes, Trudy J.
2022-08Oyster reef connectivity : ecological benefits and associated vulnerabilitiesAltman, Safra.; Harris, R. Daniel.; McKay, S. Kyle.; Kjelland, Michael E.; Swannack, Todd M.
2022-08Environmental evaluation and management of dredged material for beneficial use : a regional beneficial use testing manual for the Great LakesKeil, Karen G.; Estes, Trudy J.; Kreitinger, Joseph P.; Lotufo, Guilherme R.; Price, Richard A.; Suedel, Burton C.; Habberfield, Michael W.; Hinterberger, Bryan A.; Lenox, Andrew M.; Pickard, Scott W.; Wargo, Martin P.; Miller, Jason M.; Miller, Jennifer A.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.)
2023-03An ontology for an epigenetics approach to prognostics and health managementRuvinsky, Alicia I.; Seale, Maria A.; Salter, R. Cody.; Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia.
2022-07Synthesis of 2-Methoxypropyl Benzene for Epitope ImprintingMoores, Lee C.; Ashvin, P.U.; Fernando, I.; George, Garrett W.
2023-03Exploration of two polymer nanocomposite structure-property relationships facilitated by molecular dynamics simulation and multiscale modelingPisani, William A.; Wedgeworth, Dane N.; Roth, Michael R.; Newman, John K.; Shukla, Manoj K.