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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03Toward the electrochemical detection of 2,4-dinitroanisole (DNAN) and pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN)Glasscott, Matthew W.; Jernberg, Johanna N.; Alberts, Erik.; Moores, Lee C.
2022-09Literature review : macrohabitat metrics to identify presence of chiroptera on the landscape in the United StatesSaltus, Christina L.; Britzke, Eric R.
2022-02Approaches to identify and monitor for potential acid sulfate soils in an ecological restoration contextBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; VanZomeren, Christine M.
2022-05Spatial and temporal variability of the Alligatorweed pathogen, Alternaria alternantherae, in LouisianaHarms, Nathan E.; Shearer, Judy F. (Judy Fredrickson)
2022-08The use of US Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs as stopover sites for the Aransas–Wood Buffalo population of whooping craneJung, Jacob F.; Fischer, Richard A., Jr., 1964-; McConnell, Chester.; Bates, Pam.
2022-09Microbial dynamics of a fluidized bed bioreactor treating perchlorate in groundwaterKnotek-Smith, Heather M.; Thomas, Catherine C.
2023-01Swan Island resilience model development; Phase I : conceptual modelHerman, Brook D.; Whitfield, Paula E.; Davis, Jenny L.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Golden, Becky Raves.; Dillon, S. Catie.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Swannack, Todd M.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.
2022-09Properties and detectability of rogue synthetic biology (SynBio) products in complex matricesJung, Carina M.; Indest, Karl J.; Carr, Matthew R.; Lance, Richard F., 1967-; Carrigee, Lyndsay A.; Clark, Kayla N.
2022-08Supporting bank and near-bank stabilization and habitat using dredged sediment : documenting best practicesGailani, Joseph Z.; Suedel, Burton C.; McQueen, Andrew D.; Lauth, Timothy J.; Scheiblechner, Ursula.; Toegel, Robert.
2022-08Swan Island : monitoring and adaptive management planWhitfield, Paula E.; Davis, Jenny L.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Golden, Rebecca R.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Ramirez, Michael T.; Herman, Brook D.; Whitbeck, Matt.; King, Jeffrey K.