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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Identification and preventative treatment of overwintering cyanobacteria in sediments : a literature reviewCalomeni, Alyssa J.; McQueen, Andrew D.; Kinley-Baird, Ciera M.; Clyde, Gerard A.
2022-09Ecological model development : evaluation of system qualityMcKay, S. Kyle.; Richards, Nathan S.; Swannack, Todd M.
2022-09Birds of the Craney Island Dredged Material Management Area, Portsmouth, Virginia, 2008-2020Guilfoyle, Michael P.; Beck, Ruth A.; Williams, Bill.; Reinheimer, Shannon J.; Burgoon, Lyle D.; Jackson, Samuel S.; Beck, Sherwin M.; Suedel, Burton C.; Fischer, Richard A., Jr., 1964-
2022-08Ecological model development : Toolkit for interActive Modeling (TAM)Carrillo, Carra C.; McKay, S. Kyle.; Altman, Safra.; Swannack, Todd M.
2022-06A review of empirical algorithms for the detection and quantification of harmful algal blooms using satellite-borne remote sensingJohansen, Richard A.; Reif, Molly K.; Saltus, Christina L.; Pokrzywinski, Kaytee L.
2022-09Informing the community engagement framework for natural and nature-based projects : an annotated review of leading stakeholder and community engagement practicesThorne, Sarah L.; Kovacs, Daniel C.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Suedel, Burton C.
2022-07Implementing Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 (a)(1) conservation planning during US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) coastal engineering projectsGuilfoyle, Michael P.; Hartfield, Paul.; Fischer, Richard A., Jr., 1964-; Jung, Jacob F.; Reine, Kevin J.
2022-03Design, construction, and testing of the PFAS Effluent Treatment System (PETS), a mobile ion exchange–based system for the treatment of per-, poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) contaminated waterWaisner, Scott A.; Medina, Victor F.; Ellison, Charles C.; Mattei-Sosa, Jose.; Brasher, John M.; Lalley, Jacob M.; Griggs, Christopher S.
2022-03A literature review of beach nourishment impacts on marine turtlesReine, Kevin J.
2022-09Application of clean dredged material to facilitate contaminated sediment source controlMoore, David W.; Acevedo-Mackey, Damarys.; Gidley, Philip T.