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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-11Sampling for explosives residues at Fort Greely, Alaska : reconnaissance visit July 2000Walsh, Marianne E.; Collins, Charles M.; Racine, Charles H.; Jenkins, Thomas F.; Gelvin, Arthur B.; Ranney, Thomas A.
2001-05Field gas chromatography/thermionic detector system for on-site determination of explosives in soilsHewitt, Alan D. (Alan Dole); Jenkins, Thomas F.; Ranney, Thomas A.
2009-06Validation of sampling protocol and the promulgation of method modifications for the characterization of energetic residues on military testing and training rangesHewitt, Alan D. (Alan Dole); Jenkins, Thomas F.; Walsh, Marianne E.; Bigl, Susan R.; Brochu, Sylvie.
1984-08Impact of dredging on water quality of Kewaunee Harbor, WisconsinUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Detroit District.; Iskandar, I. K. (Iskandar Karam), 1938-; Cragin, James H.; Parker, L. V. (Louise V.); Jenkins, Thomas F.
1980-02Wastewater treatment in cold regions by overland flowMartel, Courtland James.; Jenkins, Thomas F.; Palazzo, A. J. (Antonio J.)
1984-12Impact of slow-rate land treatment on groundwater quality : toxic organicsUnited States. Environmental Protection Agency.; Parker, L. V. (Louise V.); Jenkins, Thomas F.; Foley, B. T. (Brian T.)
1984-12Reverse phase HPLC method for analysis of TNT, RDX, HMX and 2,4-DNT in munitions wastewaterU.S. Army Toxic and Hazardous Materials Agency.; University of New Hampshire. Dept. of Chemistry.; Jenkins, Thomas F.; Bauer, Christopher F.; Leggett, Daniel C.; Grant, Clarence L.
1980-12The fate and effects of crude oil spilled on subarctic permafrost terrain in interior AlaskaUnited States. Environmental Protection Agency.; Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory. Arctic Environmental Research Station.; University of Alaska Fairbanks. Institute of Water Resources.; Johnson, L. A. (Larry A.); Sparrow, Elena B.; Jenkins, Thomas F.; Collins, Charles M.; Davenport, Charlotte V.; McFadden, Terry T.
1983-01Assessment of the treatability of toxic organics by overland flowUnited States. Environmental Protection Agency.; Jenkins, Thomas F.; Leggett, Daniel C.; Parker, L. V. (Louise V.); Oliphant, Joseph L.; Martel, Courtland James.; Foley, B. T. (Brian T.); Diener, C. J. (Carl J.)
1983-08Transport of water in frozen soil. I, Experimental determination of soil-water diffusivity under isothermal conditionsNakano, Yoshisuke.; Tice, A. R. (Allen R.); Oliphant, Joseph L.; Jenkins, Thomas F.