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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-09SUPERTANK Laboratory Data Collection Project. Volume II, Appendices A-ISUPERTANK Laboratory Data Collection Project.; Smith, Jane McKee.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1988-08Coastal processes at Sea Bright to Ocean Township, New Jersey. Volume 1, Main text and appendix AUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New York District.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Scheffner, Norman W.; Hanson, Hans.; Chou, Lucia W.; Cialone, Mary A.; Smith, Jane McKee.; Hardy, Thomas A.
1988-01An analytical model of wave-induced longshore current based on power law wave height decaySmith, Jane McKee.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1987-05A numerical model for shoaling and refraction of second-order cnoidal waves over an irregular bottomHardy, Thomas C.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1991-07East pass and Ludington sand transport data collection projects: data reportRosati, Julie Dean.; Gingerich, Kathryn J.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1992-12Tylers Beach, Virginia, Dredged Material Plume Monitoring Project, 27 September to 4 October 1991United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Norfolk District.; Thevenot, Michelle M.; Prickett, Terri L.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1999-05Coastal processes assessment for Brevard County, Florida, with special reference to test plaintiffsApplied Coastal Research and Engineering.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Byrnes, Mark R. (Mark Richard); Lindquist, Anne-Lise.
2000-04Study of navigation channel feasibility, Willapa Bay, WashingtonEvans-Hamilton, Inc.; Pacific International Engineering; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Abbott, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1939-; Arden, Hiram T.; Bermudez, Hugo; Bratos, Steven M.; Brown, Mitchell E.; Ebersole, Bruce A.; Fenical, Scott; Fitzgerald, Ken, 1955-; Giles, Suzanne L. (Suzanne Lynn); Hands, Edward B.; Kurrus, Keith; Militello, Adele; Phillips, Shane Michael; Scheffner, Norman W.; Seabergh, William C.; Shepsis, Vladimir; Smith, Jane McKee; Titus, Carol
1999-07Monmouth Beach, New Jersey: beach-fill "hot spot" erosion evaluation. Report 2, Functional design of shore-protection alternatives for beach-fill longevitySmith, S. Jarrell; Williams, Gregory L.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
1992-09Analysis of cross-shore movement of natural longshore bars and material placed to create longshore barsLund University. Department of Water Resources Engineering.; Dredging Research Program (U.S.); Larson, Magnus.; Kraus, Nicholas C.