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Title: On the buckling force of floating ice plates
Authors: Kerr, Arnold D.
Keywords: Buckling
Force (Mechanics)
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: CRREL report ; 81-9.
Description: CRREL Report
Abstract: The calculation of the largest horizontal force a relatively thin floating ice plate may exert on a structure requires the knowledge of the buckling load for this floating plate. In the published literature on the stability of continuously supported beams and plates, it is usually assumed that this buckling force corresponds to the lowest bifurcation force Pcr. However, recent studies indicate that, generally, this is not the case, and this report clarifies the situation for floating ice plates. This problem is first studied on a simple model that exhibits the buckling mechanism of a floating ice plate but is amenable to an exact nonlinear analysis. This study shows that, depending on the ratio of the rigidities of the "liquid" and "plate," the post-buckling branch may rise or drop away from the bifurcation point. Thus, Pcr may or may not be the actual buckling load. It is also shown that when lift-off of "plate" from the "liquid" takes place the actual buckling load may drop substantially. This study is followed by an analysis of a floating compressed semi-infinite plate with a straight free edge, assuming that there is no lift-off. It is found that for this case there always exists a buckling load that is lower than Pcr. According to the obtained results, the value Pcr should be used with caution as a buckling load for floating ice plates. It is suggested that the buckling load be determined using the postbuckling equilibrium branch of the plate, taking into consideration the possibility of lift-off of the ice cover from the liquid base. ii
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