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dc.contributorUnited States. Department of the Navy.-
dc.contributorUnited States. Naval Sea Systems Command.-
dc.contributor.authorMulherin, Nathan D.-
dc.contributor.authorRichter-Menge, Jacqueline A.-
dc.contributor.authorTantillo, Thomas J.-
dc.contributor.authorGould, Larry D.-
dc.contributor.authorDurrell, Glenn D.-
dc.contributor.authorElder, Bruce C.-
dc.descriptionCRREL Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: Four commercial icephobic coatings were selected as candidates for preventing and/or easing the removal of seaspray and atmospheric icing on shipboard superstructures. This study was undertaken to compare the force required to shear freshwater ice from flat test plates coated with the candidate materials. Twelve replicates each of the four different coatings and two different control surfaces (a total of 72 samples) were subjected to laboratory spray icing. The samples were iced and shear tested at -10 ± 1°C at a constant crosshead displacement rate of 0.0381 cm/s. This shear rate was higher by at least an order of magnitude than that in most previous shear studies, ensuring a brittle failure at the ice/coating interface. The method produced virtually 100% ice/coating abhesion in every test, which eliminated analysis problems associated with cohesive failure. Results showed that all four of the experimental coatings exhibited higher mean shear values than either of the two controls. Although the mean shear values for the various coatings were very similar in absolute magnitude, ranging from 71 to 119 kPa, statistical analysis showed a significant difference in surface performance with greater than 97% confidence.-
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dc.titleLaboratory test for measurement of adhesion strength of spray ice to coated flat plates-
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