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Title: Investigations of dielectric properties of some frozen materials using cross-borehole radiowave pulse transmissions
Authors: Arcone, Steven A.
Delaney, Allan J.
Keywords: Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska
Dielectric properties
Dielectric measurements
Site surveys
Frozen soils
Frozen ground
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: CRREL report ; 89-4.
Description: Technical report
From the Introduction: The objective of this research was to investigate the use of pulsed radiowaves as an expedient technique to measure ground dielectric properties between boreholes and thus to limit the drilling needed to characterize the material type of a planned construction site. Four or more boreholes between 12 and 25 m deep and spaced from 4 to 50 m apart were drilled at each of three sites near Fairbanks, Alaska. Two sites were located in ice-rich silt and the other was in frozen alluvium. Data were collected in the early spring and late summer from 1984 to 1986 using a commercially available subsurface radar that transmitted and received pulses with spectra centered near 100 MHz and lasting about 20 ns. Signal delay times and amplitudes were measured to calculate dielectric constants and attenuation rates, both of which were then correlated with volumetric and gravimetric ice content and temperature. The electrical investigations of the ice-rich silt at one site and the temperature and electrical resistivity data from two of the sites have been reported previously (Arcone and Delaney 1988, Delaney et al. 1988), and some of the material in this report can be found in these articles. The new material concerns the propagation data for frozen alluvium and for a second ice-rich silt site containing massive ice.
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