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dc.contributorMaine. Dept. of Transportation.-
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dc.contributor.authorEaton, Robert A.-
dc.contributor.authorStubstad, J. M.-
dc.descriptionCRREL Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: Nondestructive repetitive plate bearing (RPB) tests were conducted on various test sections in state highways in Maine during 13-15 April 1976. The RPB test consists of making resilient surface deflection measurements during repetitive loadings at various radii from the load plate. The pavement system stiffness was calculated and the resilient modulus values for the various pavement layers were determined with the Chevron computer program for a layered elastic system. A thawed analysis using nondimensional deflection curves for the various sections provided a guide to the susceptibility of the pavement systems to surface failure and pothole development. Some comparisons between stabilized and nonstabilized aggregate and soil were made with calculated stiffness values. The moduli of the various materials were also compared. The residual surface deflections during testing for several pavement systems indicated a linear logarithmic relationship with number of load applications. A relationship between the modulus of the asphalt cement concrete pavement and pavement temperature was developed for the limited temperature range during the testing.-
dc.publisherCold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)-
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dc.titleNondestructive testing of in-service highway pavements in Maine-
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