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dc.descriptionAbstract: The Army Training and Testing Area Carrying Capacity (ATTACC) program is a methodology for estimating training and testing land carrying capacity. The methodology is used to determine land rehabilitation and maintenance costs associated with land-based training. ATTACC is part of the Army’s Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) Program. The ATTACC methodology quantifies training load in terms of Maneuver Impact Miles (MIM), which are based on vehicle mileage projections. Each vehicle in each training event has a different impact on the land. To account for these differences, all training events are normalized to a standard unit in a standard event. The ATTACC standard is the M1A2 in an armor battalion in a field training exercise (FTX). Training impact factors represent the difference in impact between vehicles and events as compared to the standard. The factors used to calculate MIM are Vehicle Severity Factors (VSF), Event Severity Factors (ESF), Vehicle Conversion Factors (VCF), Vehicle Off-Road Factors (VOF), and Local Condition Factors (LCF). Vehicle Severity Factors account for the differences in impacts due to different types of vehicles. Local Condition Factors account for differences in vehicle impacts due to weather variations. This report documents a methodology for estimating ATTACC vehicle severity factors and local condition factors. The methodology is based on a reanalysis of data and models used in the NATO Reference Mobility Model.-
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dc.titleA methodology for estimating army training and testing area carrying capacity (ATTACC) vehicle severity factors and local condition factors-
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