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Title: Long-term structural solution for the mouth of Colorado River navigation channel, Texas
Authors: HDR Infrastructure, Inc.
Kraus, Nicholas C.
Lin, Lihwa.
Smith, Ernest R.
Heilman, Daniel J.
Thomas, Robert C.
Keywords: Coastal inlet
Coastal modeling system
Longshore transport
Navigation channel
Publisher: Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ERDC/CHL TR ; 08-4.
Description: Technical report
This report describes a study performed for the U.S. Army Engineer District, Galveston, to develop a structural solution involving modified or new jetties in support of a reliable shallow-draft channel at the Mouth of the Colorado River (MCR), Texas. The site has experienced excessive sediment shoaling that has denied full project features to navigation channel users. The study took a multidisciplinary approach involving field measurements, shoreline analysis, numerical modeling of shoreline change and longshore sand transport, numerical modeling of inlet processes, and preliminary design of a new east jetty. The study concluded that the MCR was not performing as intended because (1) the Colorado River was diverted to Matagorda Bay in 1992 as part of an environmental restoration project, thus depriving the inlet of the river’s discharge of water and associated scouring action; (2) the weir jetty system constructed over 1988-1990 was too wide and the weir section too long; and (3) the sediment impoundment basin associated with the weir is dangerous for people wade fishing and allows sediment to be bypassed during times of high water. The solution obtained is to construct a new east jetty parallel to and 500 ft (152 m) from the west jetty. It is recommended that past bypassing practice be continued through dredging of the impoundment fillet expected to form on the beach adjacent to the new east jetty and placing that material on the west beach. The preliminary jetty design incorporates experience with jetties of similar size inlets along the Texas coast.
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