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Title: J. T. Myers lock filling and emptying system, Ohio River
Authors: Hite, John E.
Crutchfield, J. P.
Keywords: Chamber culverts
Filling and emptying system
J. T. Myers navigation project outlet diffuser
Lock design
Lock extension Ohio River
Lock filling and emptying
Publisher: Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ERDC/CHL TR ; 04-7.
Description: Technical report
Navigation improvements are planned at J. T. Myers Locks and Dam on the Ohio River main stem. The project consists of a navigation dam, a 1,200-ft-long by 110-ft-wide main lock chamber adjacent to a 600-ft-long by 110-ft-wide auxiliary lock chamber. The improvements include developing a 1,200-ft-long lock chamber from the existing 600-ft-long lock chamber. The existing filling and emptying system for the 600-ft-long chamber is a bottom lateral system with the culvert located within the lock wall. This report provides the results of model investigations to determine a cost-effective and efficient lock filling and emptying system for the extended lock chamber. An innovative design for the additional filling and emptying system was evaluated. This design consisted of adding a lateral system in the extended lock chamber. The water for the additional lateral system was supplied from a through-the sill intake feeding two culverts that ran inside the chamber along the existing lock walls and over the top of the existing laterals. These culverts turned outside of the lock after passing over the existing empty culvert and then transitioned into a single culvert that fed the additional laterals in the extended chamber. The additional laterals emptied through a landside diffuser located in the lower lock approach. The initial design was considered acceptable since it filled the extended lock chamber in a reasonable time. Minor modifications were made to the design that significantly improved the chamber performance. The recommended design, type 2 design, filled the 1,381-ft-long chamber in 11.3 min and emptied the chamber in 9.6 min with the design lift of 18 ft. In addition to the development of the filling and emptying system, the effect of locking operations on tows in the approaches and the effect of the new culverts on tow entry and exit times were investigated. The original design outlet diffuser was evaluated and a separate study was performed to develop the outlet diffuser, an outlet stilling basin, and the riprap size required around the outlet.
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