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Title: HyPAS user's manual: a hydraulic processes analysis system, an extension for arcview GIS, version 4.0.1
Authors: DIMCO, Inc.
Pratt, Thad C.
Cook, Daryl S.
Keywords: ADCP, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Data
Bathymetry Data
Bed Material Samples
GIS, Geographical Information System
Grain Size Analysis
Shoals Surveys
Suspended Sediment Data
Time Series Data
Publisher: Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ERDC/CHL TR ; 01-1.
Description: Technical report
Modern electronic instrumentation produces large amounts of data. Often, this abundance of data is not fully utilized because the engineer or scientist does not have an effective way to visualize and analyze it within project time schedule. This problem can be minimized by a set of tools that provides ready capability to visualize, analyze, reduce, and efficiently plot data obtained from such instrumentation. Additionally, such a tool can take advantage of geographically referenced data of high spatial accuracy. HyPAS is designed to be a Geographic Information System (GIS) for hydraulic information. GIS, a computer system capable of managing, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced data, is the logical solution to such a problem, in particular considering the combination of spatial accuracy needs and database management needs. A mapping system alone lacks database management capabilities. A spreadsheet or database management system contains little or no accurate mapping capabilities. GIS software provides both applications with a robust set of tools capable of manipulating large amounts of data with high spatial accuracy; however,mtypically a substantial learning investment is required to become proficient with GIS software.
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