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Title: Model study of Kentucky lock addition, Tennessee River, Kentucky: hydraulic model investigation
Authors: Sanchez, Jose E.
Keywords: Hydraulic models
Kentucky Lock
Kentucky Lock Addition
Tennessee River (KY)
Publisher: Coastal and Hydrulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ERDC/CHL TR ; 01-9.
Description: Technical report
Experiments were conducted on a 1:25 scale model of the Kentucky Lock Addition Lock located on the Tennessee River in Kentucky. The model was constructed to evaluate the lock filling and emptying system performance and flow conditions in the upper and lower approaches. The system consisted of a through-the-sill intake that carries flow to a multiport arrangement, and an interlaced lateral discharge system located just downstream of the lower miter gates. The 398 ports located in the culvert walls are placed in two rows on each culvert. Modifications to the upstream lock approach were conducted to reduce the strength of vortices observed during filling operations. The flow conditions in the upper approach were improved with the type 5 approach design. With the original chamber (recommended) design and a 7.0-min valve operation for the filling cycle and a 3.0-min valve operation for the emptying cycle, the lock chamber filled in 16.3 min and emptied in 17.5 min. Experiments were performed to determine the optimum mooring location for a three- by-five barge arrangement in the lower and upper lock approach during the emptying and filling operations. The tow moored at sta 17+ 60.25 with a 7.0-min valve operation during the emptying cycle experienced tolerable longitudinal hawser forces. In the upstream lock approach, the barge arrangement was moored 200 ft upstream of the upper miter gates pintle, and a 1.5-min valve operation during the filling cycle yielded acceptable longitudinal hawser forces, although this valve time is not recommended when a tow is in the lock chamber.
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