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dc.contributorUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Honolulu District.-
dc.contributor.authorBottin, Robert R.-
dc.contributor.authorMeyers, Daniel T.-
dc.descriptionTechnical report-
dc.descriptionSelected coastal navigation structures are periodically monitored under the “Periodic Inspections” Work Unit of the Monitoring Completed Navigation Projects Program. Such monitoring is done to gain an understanding of the long-term structural response of unique structures to their environment. Periodic data sets are used to improve knowledge in design, construction, and maintenance of both existing and proposed coastal navigation projects. The Kahului Harbor breakwaters and the Laupahoehoe boat-launching facility breakwater, HI, were nominated for periodic monitoring by the U.S. Army Engineer District, Honolulu. The positions of the above-water, concrete armor units (tetrapods, tribars, and/or dolosse) on the breakwaters were initially obtained during the period 1991-1993 through limited ground surveys, aerial photography, and photogrammetric analysis. The structures were revisited in 2001 to determine changes that had occurred. Results indicated that some armor units had moved along the seaward quadrant of the head of the Kahului east breakwater. These units were intact, however, and are still functional. Armor unit movements on the Kahului west breakwater and the Laupahoehoe breakwater were minimal. A detailed inventory of broken armor units on these structures was obtained. The sites will be revisited in the future and the long-term structural response of the structures to their environment will continue to be tracked. These data sets will facilitate engineering decisions concerning whether or not closer surveillance and/or repair of the breakwaters might be required to reduce their chances of failing catastrophically. The periodic inspection methods developed and validated for the Hawaii breakwaters may also be used to gain insight into other Corps structures.-
dc.publisherCoastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S)-
dc.publisherEngineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesERDC/CHL TR ; 02-11.-
dc.rightsApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited.-
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dc.subjectAerial photography-
dc.subjectConcrete armor units-
dc.subjectPeriodic inspections-
dc.subjectArmor stability-
dc.subjectRemote sensing-
dc.subjectLaupahoehoe-boat-launching facility, HI-
dc.subjectKahului Harbor, Maui, HI-
dc.titlePeriodic inspections of Kahului and Laupahoehoe Breakwaters, Hawaii: armor unit monitoring for period 1992/93-2001-
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