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dc.contributor.authorBruchman, Barry J.-
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dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: EnviroFish is both a modeling approach and a computer software. As a modeling approach, EnviroFish estimates the value of floodplain habitat suitable for fish reproduction under a given set of hydrologic and hydraulic conditions. As a software, EnviroFish is a Java computer program facilitating the application of the modeling approach. This manual describes both the modeling approach and the software. The EnviroFish approach integrates hydrology, hydraulics, land use, and empirically based knowledge of fish reproductive strategies in riverine floodplains to predict a biological response to different flooding scenarios suitable for standard federal planning processes. EnviroFish can be used to calculate Habitat Units for specific floodplain habitats, with each habitat providing different values for spawning and rearing fishes. In order of least to most preferred habitats, are agricultural fields, fallow fields, bottomland hardwood forests, and floodplain waterbodies. EnviroFish was initially developed for flood control projects in the lower Mississippi River Valley. However, the approach is applicable to any alluvial river system where floodplain fish spawning habitat is being managed, mitigated, or restored, by determining applicable land use categories and HSIs for representative fish species. The EnviroFish software is designed to directly accept data in the Corps of Engineers Data Storage System (DSS) file format. EnviroFish calculates ADFA for an array of project alternatives. The user specifies values of hydraulic criteria (flooding depth and duration) for successful spawning and rearing of fishes and also specifies land use categories to calculate ADFA. This User's Manual discusses the biological basis of EnviroFish, elements of the model, using the software, application considerations, and an example problem.-
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dc.titleEnviroFish, Version 1.0: User's manual-
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