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Title: Development of a distributed nutrient sub-model (NSM version 1.0) for watersheds - kinetic process descriptions
Authors: Johnson, Billy E.
Gerald, Terry K.
Keywords: Plant-soil relationships
Groundwater flow
Nitrogen cycle
Phosphorus cycle (Biogeochemistry)
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ERDC/EL ; TR-06-12.
Abstract: Abstract: Within the System-Wide Water Resources Program (SWWRP), multiple riverine, estuarine, watershed, and subsurface flow models are being modified to address issues of environmental concern. Several integration approaches are either ongoing or proposed to accomplish this task. To have a full system-wide water quality and contaminant capability in SWWRP, the different hydrologic and hydraulic engines must utilize a common water quality and contaminant approach to prevent the arbitrary partitioning of constituents. The goal of this development effort has been to upgrade existing hydrologic and hydraulic models (i.e., water engines) using a common water quality approach in order to facilitate their linkage and application on a system-wide basis. In keeping with a common water quality approach to model development, a library of water quality kinetics has been developed such that these kinetics can be integrated with a variety of water transport engines. The library of algorithms are able to deal with a multi-species, multi-phase, multi-reaction system, should include both fast (equilibrium-based) and slow (non-equilibrium-based or rate-based) reactions, are easily extensible to new reaction pathways, include both common nutrient and contaminant packages as well as geochemistry, and have a simple, well-defined data interface and calling procedure, making them portable. The modules are developed such that they are data structure independent, thus facilitating their integration into a wide range of modeling systems.
Description: Technical Report
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