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Title: Analytical studies of freezing and thawing of soils : first interim report
Authors: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Aldrich, Harl P.
Paynter, Henry M.
Keywords: Frost
Frost penetration
Frost action
Frost heave
Frost heaving
Heat transfer
Heat transmission
Frozen soils
Frozen ground
Mathematical analysis
Mathematical models
Freeze thaw cycles
Publisher: Arctic Construction and Frost Effects Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical report (Arctic Construction and Frost Effects Laboratory) ; no.42.
Description: Technical Report
Summary: This report contains; the results of studies related to the prediction of the frost penetration depth below ground surfaces. In addition the so called “thaw consolidation” problem has been studied and the results are reported by the authors. Part I is the introduction. Part II is devoted to the presentation of a mathematical formulation of the problem derived from first principles of heat transfer. The fluid and electric analogies to thermal problems are treated in some detail since they are of especial value not only for visualizing the thermal problem but as important aids in solving complex situations. Furthermore, because a closed-form analytical solution is impossible except for the simplest cases, considerable effort has been devoted to a discussion of practical methods of computations such as numerical and machine solution. Descriptions of a hydraulic model and an electronic analog computer applicable to freezing and thawing problems are presented. The second section of Part II deals with the writers’ rational formula for the depth of frost penetration. Results of statistical studies involving actual frost penetration data are described. The effects of cyclic variations in surface temperature and of multilayered systems on the depth of freezing are presented. Part III deals with all phases of the writers’ depth of frost penetration nomograph including instructions for its use and its limitations and assumptions. A copy of the nomograph is included on the inside of the back cover of this report. The final part of this document treats specifically the thaw-consolidation problems which arises during the spring melting period and with which pavement weakening and possible failure are associated. The problem is still in the formulation stage. Field investigations of the thaw-consolidation process and a hydraulic analog apparatus are needed at this time to advance further-our knowledge of the problem. NOTE: This does not include the oversize nomograph from the report. If that nomograph is necessary, contact the ERDC Library at 601-634-2355 to discuss the acquisition of the file.
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