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Title: Early life history of northern pike in artificial wetlands of Conesus Lake, New York
Authors: Morrow, James V.
Killgore, K. Jack
Miller, Gary L. (Gary Leon), 1954-
Keywords: Northern Pike larval fish
Conesus Lake
New York
Constructed wetlands
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Wetlands Research Program (U.S.)) ; no. Technical Report WRP-SM-6
Abstract: Reproductive success of northern pike was evaluated for artificial and natural wetlands adjacent to Conesus Lake, New York. Fishes were collected for 3 consecutive years during the spawning/rearing season (April- June). Larval and juvenile northern pike were collected in natural wetlands, artificial wetlands, and in Conesus Inlet. Mean abundance and mean length of pike were compared between these habitats. Northern pike spawn in natural and artificial wetlands adjacent to Conesus Lake and Conesus Inlet. Mean abundance and mean length of larval northern pike were greater in artificial wetlands than in natural wetlands. Emigration from the wetlands into Conesus Inlet begins at sizes as small as 14 mm and is usually complete at a length of 30 mm. Northern pike were collected in Conesus Inlet as early as 6 April at sizes of 14 mm and as late as 2 June at sizes of 80 mm, indicating that Conesus Inlet is an important transitional habitat between spawning wetlands and Conesus Lake. Artificial spawning wetlands for northern pike should be designed and managed to promote growth of grasses and sedges and inhibit growth of woody vegetation. They should flood in early spring and dry in late summer or early fall, but water levels should not fluctuate greatly during the spawning and rearing season. Larval and juvenile northern pike should have access to deepwater habitats from hatching until the wetlands dry.
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