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Title: Wetlands functions and values study plan
Authors: Clairain, Ellis J. Jr.
Sanders, Dana R., Sr.
Smith, Hanley K.
Klimas, Charles V.
Keywords: Assessment technique
Wetlands functions
Wetlands values
Wetlands conservation
Wetlands management
Environmental management
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Wetlands Research Program (U.S.)) ; no. Technical Report Y-83-2
Abstract: This report presents a research protocol for wetlands functions and values studies. An assessment technique developed for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will serve as the framework for these activities. The study plan describes a multiyear research effort that will lead to the refinement, regionalization, and computerization of the FHWA Technique. The study plan also identifies research to strengthen the FHWA Technique by improving the technical literature upon which the technique is based. The study plan balances Corps wetlands values assessment needs with weaknesses in the technical literature to produce a list of national research priorities. Priority research identified in the study plan includes hydrology, water quality, and fish and wildlife studies (primary and secondary productivity) in: (A.) Bottomland hardwoods, including swamps, of the Gulf and South Atlantic Coasts and Interior: Midcentral Regions. (B.) Freshwater marshes adjacent to rivers and lakes in the Interior: North Central-Great Lakes Region. (C.) Estuarine marshes in the Pacific Coast Region. (D.) Swamps in the North Atlantic Region. (E.) Tundra in the Alaska Region. Priority function-specific studies and some special studies are also identified. Due to the complexity of the research efforts and the large number of identified research priorities, the Wetlands Research Program will address only selected research studies. Other agencies and research institutions are encouraged to conduct priority studies identified in this study plan. Socioeconomic studies were not included as priority research during implementation of the first 2 years of the research because basic understanding of many wetlands functions is currently limited. Socioeconomic studies will be initiated as understanding of specific wetlands functions increases.
Description: Technical Report
Gov't Doc #: Technical Report Y-83-2
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